LFD AUDIO: Zero LE IV compared to the LE V – commentary from a buyer who owns both

I’m indebted to our customer Mr. William Bretz for this invaluable, elequent and sincere text on this topic. William – thank you. Howard ++++++++++++ I have been a happy owner of the LFD LE MK IV for a couple of years. It has never disappointed me, giving me many hours of listening pleasure. Some weeks Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Harbeth? Yes – but which one when using Zero LE and LE (SE) phono stage?

Just a quickie! I think you used to demonstrate Harbeth Super 5’s. If so, had you ever compared them to Compact 7’s? I’m interested in their differences. I still think my Compact 7’s sound flighty and could do with being a littler darker. I know the M30.1’s would solve some issues, but I feel you Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Their designs vs.Lavardin driving vintage Monitor Audio speakers

Hi Howard, I am searching with my ears to find a musical breathing Integrated Amp, that will compliment my very old Monitor Audio Studio 20 SE … I came across 2 artists of Audio components that stand out for me among the rest, and they are: the LFD and the LAVARDIN. I have not listened Read More →

LFD AUDIO: NCSE I versus Zero LE V – buying advice (and justification for it) requested

Howard, did I read somewhere you said that by and large these two models are essentially the same? How should I chose and would you explain your conclusion if indeed there is one please? Thanks. Well yes I did say something like that. Let me clarify. Clearly there are differences in weight and size which Read More →