LFD AUDIO: Suitable models for use with Harbeth Super HL5 Plus

Dear Mr. Howard, Sorry for my bad English. I have a Harbeth super HL5 Plus and is time to buy new amplification. I listhenig almost vynil and my turntable is a platine verdier. I whant your advice in amplification and phono stage. Integrate or pré power ? My gool is to make a equelibrate sistem Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Zero LE IV compared to the LE V – commentary from a buyer who owns both

I’m indebted to our customer Mr. William Bretz for this invaluable, elequent and sincere text on this topic. William – thank you. Howard ++++++++++++ I have been a happy owner of the LFD LE MK IV for a couple of years. It has never disappointed me, giving me many hours of listening pleasure. Some weeks Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Q/A with Dr. Bews. Input impedance and sensitivity

Hello Dr. Bews. I am looking for LFD integrated amps specs, in particular, input impedance and sensitivity. Minimum input impedance is 8k2 ohms (typically over 10k) With volume control at maximum, input sensitivity is 0.4V for maximum output, i.e about as sensitive as a typical pre/power combination from europe. Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Harbeth? Yes – but which one when using Zero LE and LE (SE) phono stage?

Just a quickie! I think you used to demonstrate Harbeth Super 5’s. If so, had you ever compared them to Compact 7’s? I’m interested in their differences. I still think my Compact 7’s sound flighty and could do with being a littler darker. I know the M30.1’s would solve some issues, but I feel you Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Their designs vs.Lavardin driving vintage Monitor Audio speakers

Hi Howard, I am searching with my ears to find a musical breathing Integrated Amp, that will compliment my very old Monitor Audio Studio 20 SE … I came across 2 artists of Audio components that stand out for me among the rest, and they are: the LFD and the LAVARDIN. I have not listened Read More →

LFD AUDIO: LE IV and V operation instructions + illustrations

Operation of LFD Integrated LE Mark V The LFD integrated LE mark V is very easy to operate when tape recording or just listening to music. To use the tape recording facility, rotate the “INPUT” knob on the front panel to select the appropriate input, as shown in figure 1. The signal will now be Read More →

LFD AUDIO: NCSE I versus Zero LE V – buying advice (and justification for it) requested

Howard, did I read somewhere you said that by and large these two models are essentially the same? How should I chose and would you explain your conclusion if indeed there is one please? Thanks. Well yes I did say something like that. Let me clarify. Clearly there are differences in weight and size which Read More →