LFD AUDIO: NCSE II versus Zero LE IV and why the Anniversary suddenly ceased production!

I want to do some research on the NCSE Mk2 as a possible replacement for the LFD integrated Mk4 that I have. I have been very happy with my amp and would want to improve upon it if possible. Here are some questions that I hope you will indulge me with: I recognize and appreciate Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Q/A with Dr. Bews – Zero LE IV (Signature) noisy volume control

I have an Zero LE IV Signature integrated amp. The volume control has become a bit noisy in operation, making scratchy sounds when adjusted. (It hardly ever gets beyond 9:00.) In the old days, I would just pop the lid off an amp (or more likely a receiver) and spray some contact cleaner into the Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Zero LE IV and a warning about buying some preowned examples

Good morning Howard. For my first foray into LFD I am interested in a pre-owned Zero LE Mk4.1 or similar. Speaker cable to match. Many thanks – John Hello John. Preowned unmolested LFD Audio integrated amplifiers have been in very short supply since early 2015. The reasons are not immediately clear. Stating the usual ‘that’s Read More →

LFD AUDIO: USA Zero LE IV owner uncomfortable with USA Harbeth prices seeks advice, sympathy, guidance.

Hi there. I am an LFD user, Zero LE Mk4. Very happy here in Carson City USA. Using used old Harbeth spks. Love the sound but US prices for new Harbeths are too steep for my taste and pocket. I know it’s a tall order but can you suggest home grown spks that capture or Read More →