LFD AUDIO: Zero LE IV compared to the LE V – commentary from a buyer who owns both

I’m indebted to our customer Mr. William Bretz for this invaluable, elequent and sincere text on this topic. William – thank you. Howard ++++++++++++ I have been a happy owner of the LFD LE MK IV for a couple of years. It has never disappointed me, giving me many hours of listening pleasure. Some weeks Read More →

LFD AUDIO: NAD CD players with Zero LE IV

Hi Howard. What’s your take on mixing brands in general and partnering a NAD C565BEE CD player with the LFD zero IV integrated amp? Thanks. You raise an interesting query. First things first in that both NAD and LFD offer outstanding performance in their respective price bands. Moreover they are the only two brands that Read More →