LFD AUDIO: MCT versus Ayre

Hi Howard, Thanks for keeping me informed. Look forward to hearing it! Was also considering the Ayre phono stage which you have made positive remarks about in your blog (miss it by the way!) although I know you don’t like the importer! I am interested because the balanced option suits the denon processor well. Yes, Read More →

LFD AUDIO: 9 (so far) public responses to the question: Zero LE IV vs Hegel 100

The thread starts:  Hi everyone, Having predominantly monitor designs… Currently, a pair of Opera Callas’, does anyone have an input as to which integrated would best match these highly detailed but non-fatiguing monitors? I have the LFD Mk IV; have had the NCSE; superb integrateds- but would love a remote control and seeking a musical Read More →

LFD AUDIO: 9 (so far) responses to the question: Zero LE III versus Red Wine Audio 30.2?

The thread starts …… Can anyone provide info on the virtues of these 2 amps and which one would be favorable. looking to upgrade my integrated and have been waiting for the LFD to become available for a while so have been looking at other options. Budget around $3000 so both fit the category. also Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Zero LE III versus Blue Circle

The thread starts ….. Does anybody have experience with the integrateds from these two manufacturers? Both appear to have similar design philosophies – simple circuits, high-quality parts, etc. I’m particularly interested in any sonic comparisons between the LFD Zero Mk 3 and any of the more recent Blue Circle integrateds. Thanks in advance! Dip in Read More →