LFD AUDIO: Q/A Dr. Bews – Special LFD Audio bi-wire Speaker Cables for Tannoy Kensington speakers and other 5-terminal designs in their range.

Hello Dr. Bews. I use a sophisticated system using Linn electronics and Tannoy Kensington 5-terminal speakers. What are the two best LFD Audio speaker cable solutions to improve the performance please? Dr. Bews replies ….. The Tannoy earthing terminal is supposed to be connected to chassis of the power amplifier if possible, otherwise the loudspeaker Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Driving Tannoy Kensington speakers; earthing issue

As to the earthing cables: –   Do you and Dr. Bews recommend earthing cables with my Tannoys? Recommend is too strong a word simply because neither he nor I have any direct personal experience necessary to validate an opinion. Moreover neither of us can identify anyone who has done this. The November 2014 issue of Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Mistral driving Tannoy Westminster speakers – an owner comments

“I bought recently the westminister SE and am having the LFD Mistral integrated with ver good results. Adding in the Musical Fidelity tube buffer then having best of both worlds now with ease of solid state stability with that tube sound. Have tried Bat vk55 mono blocks with vk32 with very disappointing results. The Naim Read More →