LFD AUDIO: PS Audio power cords with LFD equipment

The default intelligent choice for a power cord for LFD is, of course, the power cord design used and continues to use in all his R&D for his electronics. You can see the prices HERE However, we’ve achieved very good results from the UK versions of the PS Audio power cords at considerably less money. Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Phono stage; upgrade the power cord first or the interconnect?

Hi Howard I just received the power cord as ordered plugged in to wall outlet already definite improvement over shunyata cord ,I was wondering if another power cord would benefit my lfd phonostage ? or should I look to upgrade my interconnect from the spirolink to the grainless first thanks again for your help. You Read More →

LFD AUDIO: 120v Silicon Signature power cord experiences + upgrading from the Spirolink interconnects

Hi having recently purchased the lfd power cord from you I was wondering would this interconnect be a major improvement over my current lfd spirolink interconnect, my system consists of vpi prime turntable ,lfd ncse mk2 integrated amplifier , lfd hybrid 3m speaker cable, and lfd le se phonostage ,with harbeth 30.1speakers,shunyata ps 8 conditioner Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Their power cords; is there a range?

Say I would want to use this same cord with my soon to be purchased LFD phono preamp, Would you recommend this specific cord or another LFD type cord for that purpose? In other words, does LFD recommend specific cords for their individual products? Like separates, amps , preamps, etc. Also that RCA cable I Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Do they make 120v power cords?

Yes indeed they do. It’s the LFD Silicon Signature power cord. I have supplied many to US customers – all on a sale or return basis. None have been returned. These are built by LFD for the US market and use the most sonically neutral plugs money can buy. The construction is superb. Delivery to Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Their power cords and interconnects for North Star – and related issues including the possibility or sincerely offered but wrong advice

Basically in follow up to your recommendation to go with a power cord for the LFD I wanted to know if you can honestly say it does indeed make an audible difference? What sort of feedback do you get from clients who have purchased one from you? If you do indeed feel it makes a Read More →