LFD AUDIO: Turntables to sonically match PA2M (SE) and Harbeth SHL5 combo

Dear Howard. Last year I purchased the following amplifier and cables from you to connect to Harbeth SUPER HL5. 1 x PA2M (SE) 1 x Pair of LFD Grainfree biwire Signature speaker cables 5.0m LFD Silver Scorpion I am very happy with this system and don’t see myself moving away from this basic configuration any Read More →

LFD AUDIO: NCSE and Harbeth speakers

Is this really the last amp I’ll ever need? I’m talking here about the latest LFD NCSE integrated amplifier. The answer is uncomplicated. Quite possibly, yes, it is. Naturally I’ve not heard every fantastic integrated amplifier from all the upmarket makers worldwide – but I’ve heard many. I say this having owned, used and sold Read More →