LFD AUDIO: Q/A with Dr. Bews – Is MCT (SE) quiet enough to properly amplify a 0.16mv MC cartridge?

In your experiences (and especially Howard via selling to your many customers) is my MCT (SE) quiet enough to properly amplify a 0.16mv Moving Coil cartridge or would you both not recommend this? The brand doesn’t matter, just wondering if the low output is too low, and whether i should not aim for such a Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Phono stage; upgrade the power cord first or the interconnect?

Hi Howard I just received the power cord as ordered plugged in to wall outlet already definite improvement over shunyata cord ,I was wondering if another power cord would benefit my lfd phonostage ? or should I look to upgrade my interconnect from the spirolink to the grainless first thanks again for your help. You Read More →