LFD AUDIO: Q/A with Dr. Bews. LE (SE) phono stage cartridge matching

Gentlemen, as I bought an LFD LE SE phonostage from an official Swedish reseller, I want to know your advice on the cartridge matching of this stage, wich is factory set to match high output MC cartridges. I use Ortofon SPU-T and S15-T cartridges, with build-in transformer Denon DL-103 cartridges in a wooden body Ortofon Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Phono stage; upgrade the power cord first or the interconnect?

Hi Howard I just received the power cord as ordered plugged in to wall outlet already definite improvement over shunyata cord ,I was wondering if another power cord would benefit my lfd phonostage ? or should I look to upgrade my interconnect from the spirolink to the grainless first thanks again for your help. You Read More →