LFD AUDIO: Phono stage; upgrade the power cord first or the interconnect?

Hi Howard I just received the power cord as ordered plugged in to wall outlet already definite improvement over shunyata cord ,I was wondering if another power cord would benefit my lfd phonostage ? or should I look to upgrade my interconnect from the spirolink to the grainless first thanks again for your help. You Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Q/A with Dr. Bews. The correct operation of the LE Phonostage

Correct operation of the LFD Phonostage LE The prime function of the LFD Phonostage LE is the amplification and equalisation of the electrical output from Moving Magnet and High Output Moving coil cartridges. To use the phonostage, just simply plug in the input, output and mains cables into the rear sockets, as described in figure Read More →