LFD Audio interconnect directionality

Re LFD cables, is there some directionality that I should keep in mind? It becomes directional during use. This means that the sound will become progressively more natural i.e less artificial, the more you use it. However in my direct personal experience the effect is slight. Very slight. But that might just be me. Even Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Harbeth and synergy via interconnects

Hi … I’m the fellow in Arizona with Harbeth C7ES-3′s, the latest incarnation of the LFD Zero Mk III, and the LFD Hybrid RM speaker cables. My inquiry concerns a choice of IC for connection with my modified Oppo BDP-83 SE and my LFD Zero. I’ve tried numerous IC’s (Analysis Plus Solo Crystal, Audience AU24, Read More →

LFD Audio: Silver Horizon (Signature issue) – how does it sound compared to the Reference Silver II?

Hi can I ask how this would compare to the reference silver II, thank you. Hello and thank you for the question. Primarily for curiosity I tried the Silver Horizon Signature with a few combinations, but in response to your question – always between a pre and a power, and not always LFD Audio either. Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Counterfeit (?) cables, forum posers with something to hide, and more

An old issue of HiFi Critic “Best of” lists the LFD Silver interconnects as recommended IC’s. LFD is mostly unknown by American audio hobbyists, although that flowery Tellig Stereophile review some years back of the LFD Zero III raised some eyebrows here. Fidelis AV is the LFD importer in the USA of course, and California Read More →