LFD AUDIO: Preferred LFD Audio amplification for Harbeth 30.1

Soon I will have Harbeth m30.1  and which amp do you prefer for classical music LFD zero le mk 1v or signature ? My personal preference, in the circumstances you describe is the lower priced Zero IV. I can’t explain why, but that’s the way I ‘feel’ it. If I were a ‘civilian’ albeit know Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Turntables to sonically match PA2M (SE) and Harbeth SHL5 combo

Dear Howard. Last year I purchased the following amplifier and cables from you to connect to Harbeth SUPER HL5. 1 x PA2M (SE) 1 x Pair of LFD Grainfree biwire Signature speaker cables 5.0m LFD Silver Scorpion I am very happy with this system and don’t see myself moving away from this basic configuration any Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Can their NCSE sort out the Harbeth 40.1 “bass bump”?

I have been seeking for my audio nirvana and came across your name and company. I want to finally settle down with my hifi system and start to listen to the music. My system is based around Harbeth Monitor 40.1 (powered by Karan KAI 180) and I am experiencing exactly the same problem as you Read More →

LFD AUDIO: USA Zero LE IV owner uncomfortable with USA Harbeth prices seeks advice, sympathy, guidance.

Hi there. I am an LFD user, Zero LE Mk4. Very happy here in Carson City USA. Using used old Harbeth spks. Love the sound but US prices for new Harbeths are too steep for my taste and pocket. I know it’s a tall order but can you suggest home grown spks that capture or Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Suitable models for use with Harbeth Super HL5 Plus

Dear Mr. Howard, Sorry for my bad English. I have a Harbeth super HL5 Plus and is time to buy new amplification. I listhenig almost vynil and my turntable is a platine verdier. I whant your advice in amplification and phono stage. Integrate or pré power ? My gool is to make a equelibrate sistem Read More →