LFD AUDIO: Q/A with Dr. Bews. How important are passive components in amplifier design?

So Dr. Bews – how important are passive components in amplifier design? The selection of passive components is a very important factor in the design of an amplifier. Subjective evaluation is essential in this selection, together with reliability. It has been found that the most optimum component for a particular circuit location may differ from Read More →

LFD AUDIO: DAC3 – an owner writes

Hi everyone. I bought a preowned one from Howard and I have been using this for around 3 years now. Today I am going to write about the sound and only the sound because … there’s really not much else to write about. It looks ordinary, has few inputs and the bare minimum of controls. Read More →

LFD AUDIO: DAC3 and the Ultra Analogue D20400A chip

Gentlemen. I write about my wonderful DAC3 which is working fine. I realise that Dr. Bews can service anything and everything in the DAC but not of course the chip. Do chips wear out? If so what is the meantime between failure please? Are there replacement chips? Am I worrying about nothing? Help! Do chips Read More →

LFD DAC3: A delighted customer and three questions

Dear Howard. I am wondering what the light that says “DEM” indicates (beneath the mute light)? If a copy of a manual can be obtained by email that’s of interest but I understand if it’s not available. The DAC seems sensitive to something unusual as there is a lot of static when the transport is Read More →


Hi Howard I am considering a Dac5 as a wedding gift for someone. Do you have a sense of its effectiveness connected to a computer or streaming device? I would need a USB converter I know. Or is there a possibility of another Dac that might fit the bill better. I am also considering a Read More →

LFD AUDIO: DAC3 and why it’s best to check

This brief post is about the very rare practice of chip hijacking. Dr. Bews told me a story re one of the 75 DAC3 units built; in that it was returned for service some years back by the second owner. Service on any DAC is very rarely needed. The unit had apparently been butchered in Read More →

LFD AUDIO: The DAC3 chip replacement; reasons NOT to buy, etc

Dr. Bews writes: The DAC3 are all at least 14 years to 19 years old and so far, all problems have been with the ultraanalog D/A converter, which is not totally replaceable. A replacement D20400A from USA does technically work, but makes the sound slightly different. If the DAC3 does not work or works partly, Read More →