LFD AUDIO: Their Linestages compared to Conrad Johnson when driving active speakers

Hi Howard, How would this preamp perform on active loudspeakers? I’m used to setting up a Premier Seven Conrad Johnson, linked to the active loudspeakers. Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Johnny. Hello Johnny. I have been an active speaker user myself since 1976, predominantly using Meridian designs, also ATC and occasionally the John Bowers Active Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Q/A with Dr. Bews. Anniversary stereo amp vs 2 x mono amps

Four questions if I may Dr. Bews. Is the 2 x mono configuration more easily able to drive difficult loads than the stereo? What other sonic advantages does the 2 x mono have over the stereo? Sonically, is there an advantage to using each of the Anniversary models with short speaker cables and long interconnects Read More →