LFD AUDIO: Their Linestages compared to Conrad Johnson when driving active speakers

Hi Howard, How would this preamp perform on active loudspeakers? I’m used to setting up a Premier Seven Conrad Johnson, linked to the active loudspeakers. Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Johnny. Hello Johnny. I have been an active speaker user myself since 1976, predominantly using Meridian designs, also ATC and occasionally the John Bowers Active Read More →

“Now the amazing LFD Audio PA0 (SE) ! really enjoying this amp” Tube pre-amps to suit?

Thank you Howard for an excellent transaction….the LFD is very nice! Just curious…What pre-amplifier did you use or would recommend using with this power amp? So my current listening room is a very small bedroom (12 ft by 11ft) Musical interest is all over the charts with the exception of and heavy metal or Classical. Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Q/A with Dr. Bews. Is your equipment built in China?

It seems that on a forum (I’m not yet aware of which) that a comment has been made that your electronics although designed by you are in part built in China. Is this correct? Dr. Bews replies: I wish the Chinese did build the amplifiers for me, it would make my life easier. The idea Read More →

LFD AUDIO: LS3 versus Krell KRC-3 plus Meridian 502, SAE C-102, Stax CA-X, and more

Hi Howard, Spied that LFD LS1 preamp on eBay.  I have a Krell KRC-3 on the way, but thought I’d take a punt on this too.  Is the LS3 substantially better, or are we talking slight differences here? Thank you for this. You raise a very interesting point. There is no unqualified answer. Let me Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Q/A with Dr. Bews. How important are passive components in amplifier design?

So Dr. Bews – how important are passive components in amplifier design? The selection of passive components is a very important factor in the design of an amplifier. Subjective evaluation is essential in this selection, together with reliability. It has been found that the most optimum component for a particular circuit location may differ from Read More →