LFD AUDIO: Preferred LFD Audio amplification for Harbeth 30.1

Soon I will have Harbeth m30.1  and which amp do you prefer for classical music LFD zero le mk 1v or signature ? My personal preference, in the circumstances you describe is the lower priced Zero IV. I can’t explain why, but that’s the way I ‘feel’ it. If I were a ‘civilian’ albeit know Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Turntables to sonically match PA2M (SE) and Harbeth SHL5 combo

Dear Howard. Last year I purchased the following amplifier and cables from you to connect to Harbeth SUPER HL5. 1 x PA2M (SE) 1 x Pair of LFD Grainfree biwire Signature speaker cables 5.0m LFD Silver Scorpion I am very happy with this system and don’t see myself moving away from this basic configuration any Read More →

“Now the amazing LFD Audio PA0 (SE) ! really enjoying this amp” Tube pre-amps to suit?

Thank you Howard for an excellent transaction….the LFD is very nice! Just curious…What pre-amplifier did you use or would recommend using with this power amp? So my current listening room is a very small bedroom (12 ft by 11ft) Musical interest is all over the charts with the exception of and heavy metal or Classical. Read More →

LFD AUDIO: NAD CD players with Zero LE IV

Hi Howard. What’s your take on mixing brands in general and partnering a NAD C565BEE CD player with the LFD zero IV integrated amp? Thanks. You raise an interesting query. First things first in that both NAD and LFD offer outstanding performance in their respective price bands. Moreover they are the only two brands that Read More →

LFD AUDIO: PA0(SE) in Corian: four new images

Frankly I’d forgotten how good the granite-effect Corian option looked. No longer available on any of the current range, and that’s a pity. Anyway, this rare example is shortly offr to it’s new home in the USA, and yes, that is my mint condition Phase Linear 4000 preamp sitting underneath.  

LFD AUDIO: Q/A Dr. Bews. Differences between PA1, PA2 and PA3 mono units

Hi there. I am confused about the differences between the now discontinued LFD PA1, PA2 and PA3 power amps. Help! Thanks The PA1, PA2 and PA2M are MOSFET power amplifiers designed to drive the majority of loudspeakers presently available. All combine a high input sensitivity to allow the use of passive preamplifiers if required. Although Read More →