LFD AUDIO: “After listening to the LFD Zero LE III, the NVA is just not listenable anymore”

Now I understand why Sam Tellig and current LFD owners have such high admiration for the LFD Zero MkIII. This unit is indeed very special, and I wouldn’t have said this after listening to the unit in my system myself. Upon first listening from cold, this LFD integrated totally blew both my NVA and Plinius/ARC Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Preferred LFD Audio amplification for Harbeth 30.1

Soon I will have Harbeth m30.1  and which amp do you prefer for classical music LFD zero le mk 1v or signature ? My personal preference, in the circumstances you describe is the lower priced Zero IV. I can’t explain why, but that’s the way I ‘feel’ it. If I were a ‘civilian’ albeit know Read More →

LFD with Musical Fidelity DAC-21, Rega Apollo, Cardas and Dynaudio Confidence C1

Please note: This Q&A comes from my 2011 archive I am not able to come to the UK, but was intrigued by your comments elsewhere in the audiophile media. I’m currently thinking of an integrated with a phono stage, and wondered if you might know if the LFD integrated might be a good match for Read More →

LFD AUDIO: NCSE II versus Zero LE IV and why the Anniversary suddenly ceased production!

I want to do some research on the NCSE Mk2 as a possible replacement for the LFD integrated Mk4 that I have. I have been very happy with my amp and would want to improve upon it if possible. Here are some questions that I hope you will indulge me with: I recognize and appreciate Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Q/A with Dr. Bews – balanced inputs and outputs

Dr. Bews – you’re known to have firm views on balanced inputs and outputs. What’s led you to those conclusions? LFD believe in simplicity, so over-complication should be avoided. Balanced operation has advantages in environments of high noise or where cables have to be very long. Studios are a good example. The domestic environment normally Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Benchmark DAC into LFD / balanced connections versus RCA

I presently run a Dac1 using balanced connections directly into Atma-sphere M60 amps.  Very nice. But, I need to down size.  Will the Dac1 loose quality if run single ended into LFD integrated amps?  Thanks for your time. Interesting question. I didn’t know the answer off the top of my head. So I tried it Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Q/A with Dr. Bews – Zero LE IV (Signature) noisy volume control

I have an Zero LE IV Signature integrated amp. The volume control has become a bit noisy in operation, making scratchy sounds when adjusted. (It hardly ever gets beyond 9:00.) In the old days, I would just pop the lid off an amp (or more likely a receiver) and spray some contact cleaner into the Read More →