Payment of LFD Products

For items bought outside of our online shop, I offer three convenient methods of paying for the equipment I supply to you.


Use this page to make your payment. Simply enter the email address: where indicated to do so.

If you experience any problems then please text me on +44(0) 7870 192 618 and I will phone you at my expense.

Payment By Credit / Debit Card

Here’s how to pay by card where the 3-digit security code on the rear of the card is used. The following is the safest way of paying by card I have used. My primary concern is the security of your card transaction.

Stage #1:

You email me the following information:

  1. Full address where the card is registered
  2. Contact phone number (inc. international dialling code if outside the UK)
  3. The 16-digit card number
  4. The expiry date

It is very important that no other card data is included in the email to me.

Stage #2:

You then phone my voice mail UK: +44 (0)7870 192 618 (which means that you do not have to worry about time zones and waking me up). All that is needed on the voice mail is your name and the 3-digit security code on the signature strip on the rear of the card. Thank you.

Why this way?

Well … no UK retailer (including us) can activate a card transaction unless they have that 3-digit code i.e. the one you left on the voice mail (Stage #2 above). So what this means is that if anyone intercepts your email (Stage #1 above), the information is useless to them without that 3-digit code. And by restricting the call duration to just the buyer’s name and the 3-digit code, the cost of the call is kept to the absolute minimum.

I hope you’ll find this satisfactory.


Here is the information your Bank will ask for:

  • Account name: Stereonow Ltd
  • Bank: Barclays, 1 Church Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, England RH15 9DB
  • Sort code: 20-98-21
  • Account no: 40050407
  • IBAN: GB05 BARC 2098 2140 0504 07