LFD Audio Price List


  1. Prices are shown excluding VAT, correct as of November 21st 2016 and these are guideline prices.
  2. Customers with the UK/EU will be charged VAT at 20%.
  3. All electronics listed here are 230v. Under some circumstances, LFD can provide different voltage specifications. Please contact me for details.
  4. From time to time I run money-saving special offers, see the shop page for current deals.

LFD Phono Stages

LFD LE£792
LFD LE (SE)£1,042
LFD MMC£1,917
LFD DPH£3,166
LFD MCT£3,500
LFD MCT (SE)£4,333


LFD DAC5£2,250
LFD DAC5 (SE)£2,775

Integrated Amplifiers 230v

Zero LE V (Signature)£2,708
NCSE (Signature)£3,875
NCSE (Signature) with on-board Phono Stage level #1£4,375
NCSE (Signature) with on-board Phono Stage level #2£4,749
NCSE (Signature) with on-board DAC£4,875

Line-level Preamplifiers 230v


Power Amplifiers 230v

NLE Mk2£1,405.60
PA2M (SE)£3,160
Anniversary stereo£5,600
Anniversary 2 x mono£7,600

Power Cords

Silicon Signature 230v (UK 13 Amp mains plug)£216
Silicon Signature 230v (European Schuko)£237.50
Silicon Signature 120v (USA Schuko)£247

Interconnects / analogue & terminated

Spirolink (0.7m)£108.33
Spirolink (1.25m)£145.83
Spirolink IV (0.7m)£191.66
Spirolink IV (1.25m)£250
Grainless (SE) with Mk2 (Jan 2016) locking plugs (0.7m)£308.33
Grainless (SE) with Mk2 (Jan 2016) locking plugs (1.25m)£400
Silver Horizon II (0.7m)£500
Silver Horizon II (1.25m)£658.33
Reference Silver II (0.7m)£625
Reference Silver II (1.25m)£916.66
Silver Scorpion (0.7m)£1,250
Silver Scorpion (1.25m)£1,875
Black Widow (0.7m)£2,916.66
Black Widow (1.25m)£4,166.66
Diamond Viper II (0.7m)£5,000
Diamond Viper II (1.25m)£7,083.33

Interconnects / digital & terminated

Digilink tube (0.5m)£104
Digilink copper II£68

Interconnects / SME external upgrade / terminated

Copper Reference (1.25m)£450
Reference Silver (1.25m)£916.66
Silver Scorpion (1.25m)£1,875

Speaker Cables / terminated

Spiroflex 1 (3.0m)£200
Spiroflex 1 (5.0m)£260
Spiroflex 1 Biwire (3.0m)£260
Spiroflex 1 Biwire (5.0m)£384
Hybrid Ribbon (3.0m)£400
Hybrid Ribbon (5.0m)£552
Grainfree Biwire (3.0m)£400
Grainfree Biwire (5.0m)£600
Grainfree Biwire Signature (3.0m)£720
Grainfree Biwire Signature (5.0m)£1,080
Reference Silver (3.0m)£1,840
Reference Silver (5.0m)£2,720
Reference Silver Biwire (3.0m)£2,720
Reference Silver Biwire (5.0m)£4,000
Ultima Silver (3.0m)£2,720
Ultima Silver (5.0m)£4,000
Ultima Silver Biwire (3.0m)£4,000
Ultima Silver Biwire (5.0m)£6,000

Should you need to determine these prices in your country's currency, Google has a handy converter at http://www.google.co.uk/finance/converter.