Dear all ….. At some point during week beginning Monday February 20th 2017 all of the information contained on this site, all posts and pages will be deleted and all that will remain here – until the site closes down sometime in the near future. More information HERE To avoid confusion I need to clarify Read More →

LFD AUDIO: Q/A with Dr. Bews. Grainfree biwire speaker cables

Hello Dr. Bews. Can you tell me about your Grainfree bi-wire speaker cables please? This is a biwire cable only, since it uses different conductors for bass and tweeter, i.e. multi-strand Grainfree copper for bass and solid core Grainfree conductor for tweeter. This is the most popular LFD loudspeaker cable since it has a full Read More →

FOR SALE: Equipment offered privately #003

New Today Very rare Mistral CD player (230v) Seller says ‘Details on request. Around £400’ Still for sale Zero LE III integrated (120v) Current bid $252 USD. (Ships from USA) NLE II power amp (230v) £850 ono. SOLD 19/01/17 Ultima Silver 3m speaker cables £1,871 (Ships from USA) Set of 4 LFD Audio Visco elastic […] Read More →

LFD AUDIO: “After listening to the LFD Zero LE III, the NVA is just not listenable anymore”

Now I understand why Sam Tellig and current LFD owners have such high admiration for the LFD Zero MkIII. This unit is indeed very special, and I wouldn’t have said this after listening to the unit in my system myself. Upon first listening from cold, this LFD integrated totally blew both my NVA and Plinius/ARC Read More →

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