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Dear all .....

At some point during week beginning Monday February 20th 2017 all of the information contained on this site, all posts and pages will be deleted and all that will remain here - until the site closes down sometime in the near future. More information HERE

To avoid confusion I need to clarify the following:

  1. LFD Audio are the makers. Historically they have never sold direct to end-users. I cannot speculate about whether this policy might change, or when. I was never an investor in that Company
  2. LFD4U was one of a small number of officially appointed LFD Audio specialist retailers. LFD Audio were never investors in LFD4U
  3. Some have suggested that my decision to close LFD4U is perhaps only temporary and/or some sort of marketing strategy. No, I'm not returning which, of course, renders the implied 'marketing strategy' idea absurd.
  4. LFD Audio do not currently have any online presence. Some have speculated that Dr. Bews' apparent decision to have no online presence (a situation which may or may not change in due course) indicates that LFD Audio might be withdrawing from the market. Such a conclusion would be inaccurate.

Dr. Bews tells me he has plans forĀ  new ranges of equipment (some of which have been in development for a while) to replace many if not all of the current range of models.

The first of these will, I believe appear in the next few weeks. As I perceive it, there will be at least two discrete ranges:

  1. Very high-end, with remote control, and very expensive
  2. Lower-end and high value

Anyway .....

It's been an interesting ride, these past few years and by and large a great one too. I thank you.



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