LFD AUDIO: Zero LE III driving Harbeth speakers

I am building a system around my new harbeth Compact 7 3se speakers. My room is 13 x 19 with normal ceilings. Would the 60 watts Zero MK 3 be sufficient power in this size a room? Currently I use a NAD 352 amp(80 watts).Good for nearfield listening but it does not fill the room. Would the LFD offer more power than this NAD? In fact would the zero,in your opinion be enough power for this application? How would I be able to get one delivered into Kuwait and what would the cost be including shipping. I look forward to your answer.

The Harbeth Compact & speakers are a fine design and any of the LFD amplifiers are a happy and natural partner, bringing out the best in both brands. Re your room dimensions I’m assuming that these are in feet and not meters. You didn’t specify.

The answer is not immediately clear because I’ve no impression of how loud you listen nor indeed the type of music you prefer. Having said this and bearing in mind that the Mk3.1 has been discontinued and replaced by the Mk4.0, I’d be surprised if the Mk4.0 was insufficient for your needs. Although the quoted power outputs are roughly similar at around 65 watts RMS into 8 ohms and around 120 watts RMS into 4 ohms, these figures are rather conservative.

In terms of your perception of loudness and room-filling ability, given the higher than average input sensitivity on the LFD my guess is that you’d be amazed at how such a compact unit packs such a sonic punch without being harsh or fatiguing.

If however you wanted the very best from your Harbeths then the LFD NCSE can be wholeheartedly and unhesitatingly recommended. During 35 years in this business I have never heard a more musically credible, by which I mean musically convincing Integrated Amplifier anywhere and at any price. It is so good that it has brought sales of pre/power combinations to a virtual halt here.
Shipping of any item to Kuwait is not a problem.

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