LFD AUDIO: Q/A with Dr. Bews – Are there DC Blocking Capacitors at the input stage

Hi. I am the proud owner of a LFD MK IV Integrated Amplifier. I had recently started my journey in Turntable. My Phono Amp, Lehmann Black Cube has a pair of DC Blocking Capacitors which are affecting the sound. There is an option to short through these capacitors and I notice a significant improvement in audio quality.

Lehmann Audio had advised users to check with amplifier manufacturers if the input stage is AC-coupled before shorting the capacitors. Could I check if my LFD MK IV is AC Coupled (Are there DC Blocking Capacitors at the input stage)?

Thank you for your kind advice.

All int LE (1 to V) and NCSE are DC coupled input, i.e there are NO a.c coupling capacitors (DC blocking capacitors) in the input.

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