LFD AUDIO: Q/A with Dr. Bews. Mistral LE Capacitor Upgrade?

Dear Sir, I have an early LFD Mistral LE, and I would be very grateful for your opinion as to whether it would benefit from a set of new electrolytics, given its age. I have noticed that LFD Amplifiers have a mix of different reservoir capacitors, although the mix seems to have changed over time. So, my second question is, would it be an improvement to use the same capacitors used in recent Zero LE Amplifiers? Also - if I do this - would you suggest I make any other changes (e.g. wiring) when I have the amplifier apart? Although the amplifier sounds good at the moment, I recently replaced the electrolytics in the regulator in an old Pioneer receiver at the same time as I replaced a couple of blown transistors. I couldn't believe how much the sound improved - I think elctrolytics can degrade slowly and you don't notice until you replace them! Thanks and regards

I advise the customer to leave the electrolytic capacitors alone. If the Amplifiers dies at some time, then upgrading the complete PCB may be advisable, but otherwise leave well alone.

Dr. Richard Bews

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