LFD AUDIO: Audiolab integrated amp as a preamp into LFD power amp

Dear HP I understand that by making an easy mod (which even I could do) I could change my Audiolab Integrated Amp ( about 12 yrs old & going strong) into a pr-amp. Do you have any idea if that would be totally incompatible, a reasonable match, or a solution awaiting an upgrade, or whatever comment you could make.

Before tonight, I had no answer to your question. However I’ve just hooked up the preamp stage of my Audiolab 8000LX integrated into the LFD PA2. Sheer magic. Well, for me at least.

I used various lowish cost LFD Interconnects and the Stereovox HDSE – into Harbeth Monitor 30s. What I got was a very fast, tight and dynamic sound. Detailed but not harsh. Pretty much indistinguishable from my LFD LE Mk3 integrated. Hope this helps.


ME but smaller

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