LFD AUDIO: Turntables to sonically match PA2M (SE) and Harbeth SHL5 combo

Dear Howard. Last year I purchased the following Amplifier and cables from you to connect to Harbeth SUPER HL5.

I am very happy with this system and don’t see myself moving away from this basic configuration any time soon except maybe as an upgrade for LFD products, but I am considering to move back into vinyl and need some advice on the best way to go, particularly to get the best musicality from it. I am playing mostly classical, Jazz and some vocals.

I am looking for a mid price turntable between 2,000 and 3,000 pounds which I will buy in Australia as it is probably difficult to ship from overseas, unfortunately the range of TT is somewhat more limited than in the UK but a couple of possibilities are the VPI classic 1 or Sota Sapphire.

Yours is still a very fine combination and frankly difficult to beat in any meaningful way without a very serious additional investment. The PA2M (SE), for me, remains one of the pinnacles of achievement of the mind of Dr. Bews as indeed it does for every fortunate soul who owns one. I have never seen a used one offered for sale! Now then ...

Re both the decks you mention, both are very fine units AND both would certainly be on my shortlist! I'm contemplating for myself a Funk turntable with Funk arm but this might be inappropriate for you unless there is representation in your country. This is an ‘interesting’ experience for me because I've let my knowledge of modern turntable slip a bit and so I find I'm a learner now.


ME but smaller

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