LFD AUDIO: MCT with Ortofon MC Anna

Hi, I have an Ortofon MC Anna with a very low output of 2.0 mv. I am considering the MCT but I think it only has 60db of gain with its single ended outputs. I'm a little worried that will not be enough, your thoughts?

As part of the LFD4U service we ask Dr. Bews to optimise both of his MCT units, free of charge to the customer, for ANY cartridge. As far as we are aware, we are the only LFD retailer to offer this. Scheduled for April 2014 and for one month only we have a promotion on all LFD Phono Stages. Some offers include a substantial price reduction while other offers include, free of charge, the hand-built 230v LFD Audio Silicon Signature Power Cord (shown below) and the same LFD Interconnects Dr. Bews uses during phonostage development.

ME but smaller

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