LFD AUDIO: Their Linestages compared to Conrad Johnson when driving active speakers

Hi Howard, How would this preamp perform on active loudspeakers? I’m used to setting up a Premier Seven Conrad Johnson, linked to the active loudspeakers. Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Johnny.

Hello Johnny. I have been an active speaker user myself since 1976, predominantly using Meridian designs, also ATC and occasionally the John Bowers Active One units. Consequently I have used many, many preamps with varying degrees of success.

These include the Series 1, Series 5 and series 6 from Meridian, SAE, Phase Linear 4000, Carver, Yamaha C1, Krell, Harman Kardon valve, Mark Levinson, Audio Research, CJ and - of course - LFD Audio.

The finest, by which I mean the most musically satisfying are in second place, the top of the line Audio Research Reference Series.

In joint third place, a very rare Krell 4-box twin mono (can’t remember the model number) and the Mark Levinson ML7 (a stereo version of their remarkable ML6a twin mono preamps)

In first place though I always return to the latest issue of the LFD Audio anniversary pre amp.



ME but smaller

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