LFD AUDIO: Can their NCSE sort out the Harbeth 40.1 “bass bump”?

I have been seeking for my audio nirvana and came across your name and company. I want to finally settle down with my hifi system and start to listen to the music. My system is based around Harbeth Monitor 40.1 (powered by Karan KAI 180) and I am experiencing exactly the same problem as you have been mentioning – the bass bump. Also the sound is a bit dark. According to your experience the best musical cure for this is obviously LFD NCSE. Since I do not have any experience with LFD and the ability to listen to it, I have some questions for you:

Question 1:I want to build a reference, long term system. Is LFD NCSE optimal solution or is LFD’s pre/power combination better? Or even Anniversary components, if already finished? Or something different?

Hello Toni and thank you for your enquiry. I fully understand and appreciate your situation. I will do my best to answer sensibly and practically. Interesting. So many are denying this problem and yet from time to time the problem is real and not a function of imagination. Well, the best option I know of (and of course there may be others that I don't know of) at a "reasonable' price is the latest NCSE

A very interesting question. My answer is given within the context of the rest of your system. Taking into account the Harbeth’s characteristics, the NCSE would be the best solution despite the considerably extra cost of the current LFD pre and power amps, excluding the Anniversary units. Anniversary units are on back order until April next year and yes, at a substantial price, they would offer a more musically credible sound than the NCSE.

We offer a very special promotion for NCSE owners who use Harbeth 40.1 speakers.

If they buy the NCSE from us then they receive a 100% credit allowance against the Anniversary preamp when purchased with either the Anniversary mono-blocs or anniversary stereo power amp. There is no time limit to this. The offer is for the lifetime of the NCSE. The only rules are that the NCSE is returned to us in full working order with original box and in a good cosmetic condition. It is designed for people in similar situations to you who want to progress up through the ranks of LFD amplification.

Question 2: If I choose (based on your recommendation) to go for pre/power, does it make sense to start with power amp, since I already have one high quality preamp (VTL 6.5)

If you decided to keep your preamp then you would use the latest version of the LFD PA2M (SE) which is in effect the power amp stage of the NCSE. The same offer re eventually trading the PA2M (SE) against Anniversary units would apply as it does to the NCSE.

Question 3:My other components are: Audio research CD 7, Kubala Sosna Emotion LS, Nordost Vahalla IC, Nordost Brahma PCs. Does it make sense to change any other components in order to optimize the system, based around Harbeth and LFD.

No it wouldn't. All of these components you have are first-rate. Changing any of them is unlikely to give you a worthwhile answer to the bass problem,

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