LFD AUDIO: Digilink tube digital interconnect

I am interested in your LFD digital cable Digilink tube but please tell me a bit more about the cable, I assume it is a solid core silver, but is it shielded and exactly 75ohm and please let me know why this cable is special comparing to others esoteric brands of digital cable?

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the LFD digital cable. Unfortunately, Dr Bews does not provide much information on the construction of his devices. However, I can help you a little bit by giving you the link to two interviews I carried out with him, one of which discusses at some length his theories and practices regarding Interconnect cables.

I've no idea what the core of the cable is, but I suspect given his strict instructions about not to over-flex the cable, that it might well be silver. I've no idea if it is shielded, but in answer to your question regarding what makes it so special, there are two aspects. First there is the sonic aspect in that a degree of unveiling is achieved with this cable, that I have not heard with any other digital cable. The effect is slight and generally only occurs with material which you are familiar with and therefore you’d be looking for specific enhancements such as a dramatic reduction background noise and increasing detail.

By far the most interesting aspect however, is how the cable performs in areas where there is high levels of RF interference from domestic appliances including dimmer switches. I have a customer in North London who has been using a Cambridge Audio DAC Magic. He was trying a number of cables from other companies which unfortunately, when his refrigerator switched on or somebody used the dimmer switch in the adjacent room, caused the DAC magic to switch off. This was a mystery for all concerned, or rather everyone I discussed it with other than Dr Bews.

To cut a long story short, the DigiLink tube was supplied to the customer and solved the problem completely. A point of interest however, is that at the same time we supplied on loan the other LFD digital cable which is not the tube, and this too suffered from the problem of low rejection of the particular interference that was occurring in the home. Only the DigiTube solved the problem

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