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Hi, I do not see an email address for Dr. Richard Bews at the LFD website, so I was hoping you could ask him or someone at the manufacture site a question for me. I recently blew a fuse on my LFD LE IV integrated amp and my USA dealer told me to move up from a 5A to a 7A fuse, that it was safe and more practical in the States to use the 7A. The local Radio Shack electronics retail store here in Houston TX only had a "slow-blow" 6.3 amp fuse. Would it be safe to use a slow-blow fuse instead of a quick acting fuse and is it safe to use the 7A. The speakers are Harbeth and I have never exceeded 1/2 volume. Thanks for any advice

Dr Bews does not, generally speaking, have direct contact with end-users. He's just not that sort of person. If Dr Bews had thought that 7a was good for the USA then he would have fitted a 7a fuse! Clearly he didn't. Moreover the fuse you use MUST be a quick blow and NOT a slow blow. Ignore this and the warranty is probably invalidated.

Your dealer, if they are serious, should be able to supply this. If you were my customer I would do so free of charge. The blowing of the fuse is very probably independent of the volume the system is played at. If this happens a second time in the near future then stop using the amp and get it properly serviced. If no fault is found, then start to worry! If on the other hand there isn't a recurrence in the foreseeable future then it might be nothing more than a weak fuse. It happens - sometimes.

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