“Now the amazing LFD Audio PA0 (SE) ! really enjoying this amp” Tube pre-amps to suit?

Thank you Howard for an excellent transaction....the LFD is very nice! Just curious...What pre-Amplifier did you use or would recommend using with this power amp?

So my current listening room is a very small bedroom (12 ft by 11ft) Musical interest is all over the charts with the exception of and heavy metal or Classical. My system consists of the following modest components:

  1. Naim Nait one (just completely gone through and recapped...sounds stunning with my Kans)
  2. Naim Nac 32 (old version but just completely recapped)
  3. Naim snaps (just recapped)
  4. Now the amazing LFD PA0 (SE) ! really enjoying this amp

Only two sources:

  1. Accuphase T-107 tuner
  2. Luxman PD-121 Turntable (this one is a sleeper uses the same motor as the venerable Technics SP-10) really nice deck. I use a SME 3009 arm and a Stanton 680 EE MM pickup.


  1. Linn Kan Mk1
  2. Also a pair of custom made 2-way speakers (I design build speakers as a serious hobby) uses Seas of Denmark drivers...and they are sounding very very good with the new LFD/Naim combo.
  3. REL Q108 8" powered subwoofer (really love this little SUB...very tuneful bass notes and never boomy in my small room)

If you could recommend what pre-amps you have used/matched with LFD power amps in the past this would be very helpful....Have you ever tried a tube based pre-amp with an LFD? Thanks in advance Howard for any insights you can offer!

Thanks, K

Hello again and thank you. You have some wonderful equipment here, especially the magnificent Accuphase T-107. I had no idea that the Luxman PD-121 was a sort of SP-10 clone. Okay, now focusing on your question.

Yes I have used tube pre amps with LFD power amps. Mainly these being Manley, a US company whose products I greatly admire. Any Manley should sound magnificent as indeed should Audio Research too. I suspect, but don’t know for sure, but Conrad Johnson might be excellent too.

If however you want to retain an all British perspective, then ANY preamp from Meridian will probably thrill you – even the cheap as peanut vintage Meridian 10B and 201. In my direct personal experience, notwithstanding that I haven’t heard all the viable alternatives, the synergy between Meridian and LFD is peerless, other than LFD of course.

There might, just might be an LFD Audio LS1 Line Stage preamp coming in soon. After a service at the makers and conversion to 110v would including DHL carriage into the USA be around $980 USD. Of potential interest perhaps?

ME but smaller

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