LFD AUDIO: NAD CD players with Zero LE IV

Hi Howard. What’s your take on mixing brands in general and partnering a NAD C565BEE CD player with the LFD zero IV integrated amp? Thanks.

You raise an interesting query. First things first in that both NAD and LFD offer outstanding performance in their respective price bands. Moreover they are the only two brands that I’ve stocked in 33 years which have an unblemished reliability record.

To cut to the heart of the matter, NAD power amps work best with NAD preamps and the same is true with LFD. This shouldn’t comes as much of a surprise because of course any brand tends to develop their products in harmony with other products in their range. Naim and Linn are prominent is this respect whereas Meridian and Rega are less so.

Now then, regarding the NAD C565BEE this is a fine unit in its own right and when in production was justifiably highly regarded. The LFD integrated is highly revealing and in this respect, partnering with the appropriate CD machine (all machines to a greater or lesser extent add their own ‘character’ to the sound) is very important.

In terms of partnering CD players with the LFD integrated I can and must only speak from experience rather than rely on hearsay. In order of outstanding performance, starting at the top, I list as follows:

  • The LFD Mistral CD player (now discontinued with apparently no replacement in site and no vital spares for the model)
  • The Meridian 508.20 (long discontinued and now without vital spares apparently but very good all the same)

There’s more I can tell you about this and if you’d like to phone on 07870 192618 or perhaps you’d prefer me to phone you then I’ll be happy to explore this with you in some depth.


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