LFD AUDIO: Q/A with Dr. Bews. LE (SE) phono stage cartridge matching

Gentlemen, as I bought an LFD LE SE phonostage from an official Swedish reseller, I want to know your advice on the cartridge matching of this stage, wich is factory set to match high output MC cartridges.

I use Ortofon SPU-T and S15-T cartridges, with build-in transformer
Denon DL-103 cartridges in a wooden body Ortofon SPU Classic and MC-20 cartridges without build-in transformer Fidelity Research FR-7 MC cartridge Dynavector 10x5 and Denon DL-160 high output MC cartridges Various Moving Iron and Moving Magnet cartridges like Grado Gold or Ortofon VMS30

I have several transformers (3 ohm and 40 ohm) that I can put between cartridge and phonostage, but I can't change (de-solder and solder again) the gain on the PCB of the phonostage every time I change my cartridge.

Thank you for your advice on this matter.

Dr, Bews replies .....

Use a MC transformer with a MC cartridge feeding in to the phonostage (set to MM, desolder the pins on PCB). This allows no change to phonostage. Make sure the Interconnect connecting cartridge to phonostage is of good sound quality and it may need to screened

ME but smaller

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