LFD AUDIO: MMC and MMO phono stages

Hi Howard. It is pretty clear that we are both impressed by the products that Richard at LFD has produced. I have auditioned may items which do not seem to match up with LFD within & beyond their price ranges...here is my question. Do you have or have you had the chance to listen to the LFD MMC phono-stage? & if so what Cartridges would you recommend which would work well as i am currently looking to upgrade my phonostage / cartridge.

My system comprises of LFD pre & Power (updated by Richard) LFD Cables, Transparent Audio cables, Michell Orbe/ SME IV (complete VDH 501 silver cabled), Magnaplanar 1.4's. Looking forward to hearing from you. Yes, I have heard the MMC and it's first rate. On balance, I suspect the LFD will be marginally more natural than say the PS Audio unit.

My good friend Christopher Breunig (writes for Hi-Fi News) wrote that the PS Audio retrieved more detail than he'd heard previously. But then again, he'd not experienced LFD! Re cartridges, given that I have used most of it, and even though I don't sell cartridges, my preference would be for anything from the Dynavector range, possible Benz and possibly the newly re-released Audio Technica AT OC9. Of interest to you might be my previously owned LFD MM0 Phono Stage in very good condition.


ME but smaller

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