LFD AUDIO: Mistral LE servicing, and LFD servicing in general

Hi, I recently bought a second hand Mistral LE amp


it is quite superb.


In due course I would like to have it serviced.

Through many years of working closely with Dr. Bews, questions similar to yours come up. He is adamant in that his products are built to last as close to forever as advanced electronics and intelligent design allow. Or put differently, leave it alone; the equipment only needs servicing in the event of a fault.

Both he and I loath the practice of some brands and their retailers looking at every buyer and a continual ‘walking wallet’ i.e. creating a never-ending profit stream caused by deliberate destabilizing of buyer confidence. One example being that the unit needs ‘recapping’ because of ‘leakage’ and so on. indeed this does happen but usually because the makers have specified power supply components to do just this! Dr. Bews doesn’t!

Our advice is to spend surplus cash on expanding your music library.

Dr. Bews prides himself on the fact that every electronic design he has ever built can be repaired in the unlikely event of it going wrong.

For me to tell you otherwise and to take your money under these circumstances would be disreputable. I suggest you luxuriate in the sound of one of LFD’s finest ever designs and don’t worry about anything related to it.

Also, are phono stages retrofittable, and if so at what cost?

This was never an option; sorry.

Thank you for the question

ME but smaller

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