LFD AUDIO: Comparing the Grainfree bi-wire to the Spiroflex 1 bi wire

Hi Howard. How would you compare the Grainfree bi wire to Spiroflex 1 bi wire?

First, despite being only 11.7% of the cost of LFD’s most expensive bi-wire speaker cable to my ears the Grainfree Biwire represents the optimum value in the LFD speaker range. To get a consistently superior sound requires a considerably higher financial investment.

To my ears the Grainfree has offers a tighter, more agile bass, slightly improved stereo width and height and a more refined top-end without loss of detail. Customers report that returning to any of the less sophisticated LFD Speaker Cables results in a perception of a less dynamic sound.

To date I have NEVER been able to persuade my Grainfree Biwire users to upgrade from these.

The Spiroflex single wire does sound better than the Hybrid with the Reynaud Offrande's with the MkIII.

This is an interesting observation. Thank you. Can you expand on this; I’m most interested.

Jumpers used were Au24, Anticable and stock jumpers.

You might not have been aware that when it comes to jumpers LFD recommend using Hybrid Ribbon ones as alternatives do alter the original sound a bit.

What is the cost of 3M pair of Grain free bi wire?

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What are your thoughts between the 2 Speaker Cables?

As above

What is the lead time from ordering and delivery?

From receiving your payment to me receiving your order from LFD is currently 6 working days. Turnaround here is 1 working day and arrival into US Customs/import is usually another 2 to 3 working days.

ME but smaller

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