LFD AUDIO: Q/A with Dr Bews. Here he describes his Zero LE III (now discontinued) amplifier

Dr Bews describes his Zero LE III (now discontinued) Integrated Amplifier

The LFD Integrated Zero and its limited Edition version, are simple to use 50W and 60W per channel MOSFET amplifiers, offering 5 inputs and a separate tape facility.

In standard form the amplifiers omit the Phono Stage (record player equalizer), however this particular facility can be supplied at extra cost.

To raise the performance of the Integrated Amplifier above normal expectations, custom wiring based upon PC-OCC and LC-OFC technologies are used, together with the utilization of high quality passive components. DC coupling is also employed in both models to alleviate the degradations caused by capacitors placed in the signal path.

Further enhancements have been achieved by adopting an entire Aluminum chassis and lid; thus reducing magnetically coupled distortions. Star earthing, separate power supplies for the input and output stages, together with high current delivery, allow these amplifiers to drive even difficult loudspeakers with ease.

The Limited Edition (LE) model of the Integrated Zero, improves upon its smaller brother in the areas of power supply design and the choice of superior passive components. The Limited Edition now becomes a viable alternative to similarly priced separates, particularly when its performance and visually attractive single chassis configuration are considered.

Dr. Richard Bews

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