LFD AUDIO: Harbeth Compact 7. T+A PA 2000 R or LFD Audio NCSE II?

Hi Howard. I listen most of the time pop/rock, but also Classic, Jazz, Punk rock, Heavy Metal. The system is: Harbeth Compact 7, iron speaker stands, Audiolab M-Dac, T+A PA 2000 R (to be replaced), Speaker Cable van damme 2 x 4.0mm² blue, cinch cable Cordial CFY 1.5 WCC. There are many acoustic treatments behind the speakers and the listening position, the hall is in between 0,6-0,7 sec. Some Windows, room is wide 24,4 ft. deep 16,21 high 8,58, speaker are staying free listening position is 3,3 about 10,82 ft away diagonal. The problem is ….. everything is controlled, but it doesn't sound like music, it sound like ….. tones.

Sorry for the delay in responding. I was researching for information relevant to your situation re equipment I was personally unfamiliar with. You certainly have, on paper at least, a well balanced system. The practical reality though, as you reveal, is one that isn’t conveying the emotion.

The problem is I believe that either (a) the Harbeths are not the best speakers in that price range for your T+A PA200r or (b) the T+A is not driving the Harbeths at their optimum. Fiddling about with cables really isn’t going to turn the latent potential into a pleasurable reality.

LFD Audio is, around the world the default amplification for Harbeth. As far as I’m aware, the two organisations have never collaborated and neither use each others’ equipment. So ….. an accidental synergy.

When I owned both the 30.1 and the SHL5 the finest, most vivid and compelling sound came from an NCSE Mk2.0 – other than massive (in both price and size) mono Accuphase Class A power amps.

I have a recent NCSE 2.0 being traded-in against an LFD Audio Anniversary system. Although UK 230v, the NCSE can be converted by LFD Audio to any voltage. I will be offering this to my global customer base for $4,900 USD including DHL insured carriage.

Please you can let me know if this is of interest. If you’d like me to phone you to discuss then please let me know and please include your city so that I can avoid inconvenient time zone issues.

Thank you


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