LFD AUDIO: Phonostage + Dynavector – is it the best match?

Hello Howard. I have cartridge Dynavector DV 20X2H. The output is 2.8 mV. I can also get the Dynavector P 75 phono stage. I have LFD Zero LE MK3 with phono stage. I want to know how you can compare phono stage from LFD with the Dynavector P 75 MK2. Is there big diference between them? Or maybe do you have some other suggestion. Other option is that I will sell my LFD and buy the new one MK4 and then combine it with phono stage from Dynavector or LFD. I don’t want to make stupid mistakes because of my inexperience. I know that you are familiar with LFD and also with Dynavector. So I kindly ask you for your help

You ask a difficult question for me to answer. I will try my best. The Dynavector P-75 is one of the most musically credible Phono Stages I have yet heard. It represents good value. I say this even though I don’t sell them. The phono stage inside a LE III can be modified by LFD to match the Dynavector cartridges.

My guess is that after this modification, the differences between it and an original III with the P-75 would be small for most people. The IV is superior in the bass to either the III. If bass authenticity is particularly important then the IV with the P-75 is the way to go.

ME but smaller

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