LFD AUDIO: Low cost / high quality non LFD Audio preamp for a frustrated PA2M (SE) owner?

Hi Howard. I am the proud owner of a LFD Audio PA2M (SE). What I want / need is an LFD Audio preamp. I am almost at my wits end. I haven’t seen a pre-owned LS1, LS2 or LS3 on the auction sites in years! And I cannot / choose not to consider the now very expensive entry-level LFD pre the DLS at 34.3k. a long while back in answer to similar questions you suggested / recommended pre-owned vintage Meridian 501 and 502 preamps. I'm sure they are very good, but they are elderly. Surely there must be something new out there that will do the job at a reasonable price. My budget is up to £2k. HELP! Thanks.

Yes, there is an answer. I only discovered it last week. Based on the review I bought one! These can be purchased from me here at LFD4U. It is the very first non-LFD Audio product to be stocked by me. I consider the Clones Audio AP2 preamp to be an honorary LFD Audio product in terms of its sonic excellence.

Similar to the reviewer’s comments yes it does sound like an LFD Audio Linestage 2 but at far less money. It’s remote control too and £937.49 inc vat and carriage.

Here’s the relevant link: http://www.hifianswers.com/2015/07/clones-audio-ap2-giant-killer-preamplifier-test-review-by-neil-mccauley/

Thanks for the question


ME but smaller

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