LFD AUDIO: 120v Silicon Signature power cord experiences + upgrading from the Spirolink interconnects

Hi having recently purchased the lfd Power Cord from you I was wondering would this Interconnect be a major improvement over my current lfd Spirolink Interconnect, my system consists of vpi prime turntable ,lfd ncse mk2 Integrated Amplifier , lfd hybrid 3m Speaker Cable, and LFD LE se phonostage ,with harbeth 30.1speakers,shunyata ps 8 conditioner ,thanks for your valued advice.

Hello again and thank you for your question. You have an interesting system with, as far as I can see, no obvious major weaknesses. It is certainly the case that, as one might expect, LFD Audio electronics respond particularly well to the LFD Audio Silicon Signature Power Cord. Having now sold many score of these cords I can say with confidence that the positive outcomes are in all but name guaranteed.

That said, inevitably users are inquisitive and from time to time use the LFD Audio Power Cord with other items such as turntables. Here though the positive outcomes are less predictable. While to date no-one engaged in this non-LFD application has told me of a degradation, some have reported no improvement with some turntables, occasionally an improvement with FM tuners and quite often with cassette machines although the number of ‘classics’ with an IEC mains input is very small.

Now then, re the Grainless Interconnect, yes you would notice a considerable improvement over the Spirolink 1 (although less so compared to the Spirolink IV). Users report and general smoothing of the sound without loss of detail, the perception of a more ‘agile’ bass reproduction, a perception of a wider and deeper sound stage and on female vocals in particular and sound which as one described it ‘less unnatural’. I hope this helps. Please feel free to continue the dialogue if you wish. Regards - Howard

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