LFD AUDIO: Their power cords; is there a range?

Say I would want to use this same cord with my soon to be purchased LFD phono preamp, Would you recommend this specific cord or another LFD type cord for that purpose? In other words, does LFD recommend specific cords for their individual products? Like separates, amps , preamps, etc. Also that RCA cable I asked about is for a Well Tempered Classic turntable with RCA outs. Does LFD have a specific phono cable from turntable to LFD phono preamp I remember reading somewhere that when Dr. Bews test his products he uses LFD. throughout. That’s want I want to achieve. I'm sorry I sound a little obsessive on this subject. But I love the LFD sound and want nothing hindering its musical path. I've been a musician for many years and I know realism in music and LFD has it in spades. Thank you.

To clarify, there is only one LFD Audio Power Cord and it’s always been like that and probably will remain so. I really should have clarified this. Sorry.

Re arm cable, yes he has three in the range and usually (but not exclusively) they have the miniature (a real pain in the rear end) SME-type DIN plug. That said, it is a simple matter for him to construct whatever termination at the arm base for you. Twin RCA is very simple. Standard length is 1.25m. if you proceed and won’t need the DIN plug then there will be a small but worthwhile price reduction fro the prices shown on Audiogon.

No, you don’t sound obsessive at all, nowhere near close!

Nice to see an experienced musician appreciating the merits of the LFD ethos. Much appreciated.

Prices are shown HERE

ME but smaller

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