LFD AUDIO: Silicon Signature power cord; could it / should it be used with non LFD gear?

Hello, I'm the person that previously purchased the Spirolink Interconnects and power cord. I see there is another of the same power cord listed. My question is, do these same Power Cords work well with other products? Cd players, DACs, etc Or do I need a different type of power cord? And will these work better within the system than other after market Power Cords? My idea is to have a totally synergistic system of all LFD products. Including phono with rca's on both ends and ground wire, if possible. Just your thoughts. Nothing written in stone. Regards, Larry.

A most interesting question, and thank you. From the basic electrical standpoint then yes the LFD power cord will ‘work’ with all other audiophile devices. That said, I guess your question is … will it make an improvement rather than merely a difference? Am I correct? The answer isn’t entirely straightforward.

In terms of all LFD units tried to date in the UK, USA, Singapore, South Korea and Hong Kong (the only areas where this special power cord has been supplied) every user has perceived a sonic improvement to their liking with their LFD gear.

However … people experimenting as they do, inevitably they try their new power cord with non-LFD Audio items. Frankly the results are mixed, sometimes inconclusive and don’t appear to follow any discernable pattern.

Realistically, with non-LFD Audio gear then looking at the experiences of my customers who have reported back, while all reported a difference, only two in every three perceived that difference as an improvement. I feel obligated to tell you this rather than misleading you.

Re LFD Interconnects with ground wires, these are non-stock i.e. bespoke and can be quoted for on request. Thanks. Regards. Howard


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