LFD AUDIO: Q/A with Dr. Bews. MCT(SE) phono stage + Ikeda 9TT

I was wondering if you and/or Dr Bews would be able to provide some advice to me. I am the happy owner of an MCT (SE) Phono Stage and would like to use an Ikeda 9TT cartridge. This is a very low output Moving Coil (0.16mv) so do you feel this is just "too low for comfort”? Its a super quiet Phono Stage, and i believe, from what i read on your forums, it has a custom Stevens & Billington step up, so do you feel this pairing might be worth a try?

It is worth a try, since it is at the limits of the gain (63dB at 1khz) of the phonostage with a 0.16mV input, if the noise and level are acceptable, then it is not a problem.

Dr. B

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