LFD AUDIO: Do they make 120v power cords?

Yes indeed they do. It’s the LFD Silicon Signature Power Cord. I have supplied many to US customers - all on a sale or return basis. None have been returned. These are built by LFD for the US market and use the most sonically neutral plugs money can buy. The construction is superb.

Delivery to me once payment is received here is around 4 working days currently. A 24 hours turnaround (excluding UK weekends) means is should arrive in the US in around 4 additional working days.

Prices are shown HERE

As an aside, on the face of it, such a price (and by no means the most expensive in the market) seems absurd. Moreover in isolation, it is. However time and time again when invited by a LFD / Harbeth customer to try and squeeze just a bit more out of their already excellent system we have found that this specific Power Cord (used of course by LFD when developing their amps and Phono Stages) has £ for £ made a more immediate, consistent and significant improvement than anything else other than a very substantial capital investment in Interconnects, Speaker Cables and so on.


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