LFD AUDIO: Their power cords and interconnects for North Star – and related issues including the possibility or sincerely offered but wrong advice

Basically in follow up to your recommendation to go with a power cord for the LFD I wanted to know if you can honestly say it does indeed make an audible difference? What sort of feedback do you get from clients who have purchased one from you? If you do indeed feel it makes a distinct difference then I will purchase one from you. Also, do you have any comments regarding an interconnect cable between the LFD and the North star sapphire combined cd/DAC.

One final question. I have the option of hiding Speaker Cables behind the wall although this will unfortunately necessitate a cable length of some 28 feet. I would appreciate any suggestions you might have on this issue (does behind the wall cable need to be shielded for example or should I just forgo the tidy look in favour of shorter cables? Would I be able to detect a audible difference with cables that are 8 foot long versus 28? thanks for any advice you can offer.

Well, first things first, and I do appreciate that we may differ slightly in our understanding and perception of the word ‘honestly’ might differ – however please note that I never and I repeat never give dishonest advice.

Certainly I may from time to time give advice that in the light of subsequent experience might prove to be inaccurate, incorrect or downright wrong. I don’t claim infallibility. Not even a little! I have opinions and I express them with conviction. But again, I am conscious of the possibility, even probability that from time to time that the power of my conviction (call me opinionated if you like) might incline a person to take a risk. Fair enough. Any purchase of any non-essential item, and certainly audiophile equipment is as close to inessential as I can think of right now, carries a risk.

The difference though is that with everything I supply, excepting items in special finishes, unusual configurations and so on, everything is available on sale or return. No small print. That’s the safety net.

Moving on, yes I can say with my hand on my bank statement, the LFD is particularly influenced by the nature of the power cable being used i.e. yes there is a difference. But that’s not, I guess, really what you are asking is it?

By difference, I have found during 32 years of doing this, on and off, that most people mean ‘improvement’

In my demonstration room, in order to stand a reasonable chance of extracting the finest sound from the equipment I demonstrate and therefore produce the most stimulating experience for the visitor, I pay particular attention to the Power Cords. In fact more attention than I do to loudSpeaker Cables.

For reasons I cannot begin to fathom, I hear more differences with Power Cords (or perhaps it’s the differences in the quality of construction between various IEC plugs, believe it or not) than I do between loudSpeaker Cables. For others, it’s different. I can hear the differences between tone arms generally (there are rare exceptions) more than I can between cartridges.

Anyway, to summaries, please take a look on my side-bar piece mentioned earlier.

Regarding your question re an interconnect between the LFD and North Star, I use a cable I no longer sell. It’s a Stereovox HDSE. I stopped selling the cable because dealing with the UK importer was a pain in the rear end and frankly I have no need to put up with that kind of thing.

You might find it odd that I can and do recommend a cable I don’t sell?

That’s because (a) I can afford to and (b) I want to. Perhaps it’s around the other way sometimes. Moreover, and this is the key point, in the context of your question, for my tastes, bearing in mind I find the NS Sapphire just a tad too smooth for my liking, this inexpensive Stereovox (a bargain on e-bay) adds a little bit of ‘bite’ to the top end. Terrific.

Please near in mind I’ve tried all sorts of traded-in Nordost Interconnects and overall I vastly prefer this cheap in Stereovox – but again I stress in the context you describe. But hey – that’s just my view. Might be different for you.

Re cable lengths, in the context of the question you ask, I just don’t have sufficient direct personal experience to enable me to offer a credible answer. Sorry about that.


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