LFD AUDIO: Q/A with Dr. Bews – DAC5 or DAC5 (SE) with Ayon CD7

Dear Sir, i would like to improve my CD Ayon cd7 with one external DAC. This also to go in a second step to dematerialised music. Is the DAC 5 a good solution and what will be the change in the sound? There is a lot of DAC of any price but the LFD has a very good press. Thank you for the answer.

Dr. Bews replies: I have no idea of the sound of the Ayon CD7 as a player. I'm unsure as to its sound as a transport. Most feedback I receive is very good as to the sound of the DAC5 with different transports, and I would say that the SE version can be definitely be compared to the old DAC3.

I do not normally recommend streamers with the DAC5, since most CD players or CD transports work better sonically with the DAC5 or DAC5(SE). I would hope the DAC5 would be an improvement with Ayon CD player, but until it is tried, I can not comment.

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