LFD AUDIO: LE IV and V operation instructions + illustrations

Operation of LFD Integrated LE Mark V

The LFD integrated LE mark V is very easy to operate when tape recording or just listening to music.

To use the tape recording facility, rotate the “INPUT” knob on the front panel to select the appropriate input, as shown in figure 1. The signal will now be routed through to the “T/O” sockets on the rear panel, see the bottom of figure 1. The output from the tape machine should then be connect to the “T/I” of the LFD Integrated LE mark V. To listen to the tape machine, just rotate the centre knob on the front panel to the “MONITOR” position.

For normal listening, select the appropriate input by rotating the “ INPUT” knob on the front panel, as shown in figure 1. The signal is now fed through the volume control to the power Amplifier section and out through the output sockets, see the bottom figure 1.

The loudspeaker terminals accept bare wire, spades and 4mm plugs, but we normally recommend 4mm plugs as these reduce the likelihood of accidental damage resulting from shorting the output terminals. If this does inadvertently occur, the fuses in the loudspeaker feeds on the power Amplifier printed circuit board (close to side of the Amplifier) will blow. This will result in the output level decreasing significantly, with added distortion. To repair the Amplifier, simply replace these damaged fuses with 5A Quick Blow Types.

Int LE (IV) front back

ME but smaller

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