LFD AUDIO: Q/A with Dr. Bews. Anniversary stereo amp vs 2 x mono amps

Four questions if I may Dr. Bews. Is the 2 x mono configuration more easily able to drive difficult loads than the stereo? What other sonic advantages does the 2 x mono have over the stereo? Sonically, is there an advantage to using each of the Anniversary models with short Speaker Cables and long Interconnects when driven by and LFD Linestage? What is the current delivery delay on these model?

Both the stereo and mono anniversary power Amplifiers are Mono units: mono has one chassis per mono block, stereo use one chassis for two mono blocks. Technically NO difference regarding the Anniversary stereo or mono, since same circuit is used (90W per channel and peak current around 30A for short period, i.e. very similar to PA2M or PA3)

Mono has sonic advantage since it uses obsolete parts (of top quality, not commercial) that can never be used for any amplifier in quantities above 50 units.

I do not find difference regarding short interconnect/long speaker cable compared to long interconnect/short speaker cable. I really have no preference of one combination over the other.

Anniversary power Amplifiers (stereo/mono) are about 5 weeks for delivery. The anniversary Linestage is longer at 3 months minimum.

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