LFD AUDIO: digital interconnects DigiLink Tube

I'm looking for a digital Interconnect that can carry the sp/dif signal from my cd transport to my DAC. Is the lfd digilink tube suited for this?

On the assumption that your sp/dif is on RCA sockets (I have seen some with XLR connections) then either of the two LFD designs (both of which are on special offer currently) will perform superbly. Sonically the Tube is the one that both I and the majority of my users prefer. However there are two issues you need to consider re the Tube.

First, it only comes as a standard 0.75m length. Secondly it really is a metal tube and should not be bent through a tight right-angle. It needs a raidiused curve at both ends of around 3" radius. Thus it isn't easy in confined spaces. Incidentally the Tube has the highest RF interference rejection capability of any digital Interconnect at any price I have ever encountered.

ME but smaller

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